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URGENT ATTN: Storage Unit (10x10) Auction Bidders, etc. of La Habra, CA Public Storage, Pawn Shops,

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URGENT ATTN: Storage Unit (10x10) Auction Bidders, etc. of La Habra, CA Public Storage, Pawn Shops, Thrift Stores, etc. etc.

IMPORTANTATTN: Storage Unit Auction Bidders, etc. of La Habra, CA Public Storage, Pawn Shops, Thrift Stores, etc. for a 10x10 Storage Unit Auction: that was HELD in 760 S. Beach Blvd. on the End of September 2016!

First and foremost, if You: and/or Anyone You Know: who HAS: ALL/SOME/ANY of My Properties/Belongings, etc. (Please See Below and Attached Photos for Further DESCRIPTIONS/DETAILS of My Important, Personal, and Private Properties/Belongings, etc. (including Intellectual Properties); PLEASE IMMEDIATELY and COMPLETELY RETURN ALL of My PERSONAL, and PRIVATE PROPERTIES/BELONGINGS, etc. BACK TO ME---since the whole Storage Unit Auction on my 10x10 Storage Unit: in La Habra, CA Public Storage on end of September 2016: has been a “Complete Set-up and a Total Fraud” and “Unlawful” that AROSE from the “Merciless, Vicious, and Harmful Intentions and Actions of the Employees and Representatives of the La Habra, CA Public Storage and Public Storage!”

My name is Amy! I have been a renter of a 10x10 Storage Unit (B172) on Public Storage, 760. S. Beach Blvd., La Habra, CA 90631---since August 2012: since “I LEFT an Extremely, Environmentally, and Physically: Harmful, Hazardous, and Unsafe Apartment Complex” in a nearby area in 2012; and since “I have been Forced to Stay in Physically and Environmentally Harmful and Unsafe Lodging Places for Years (from August 2012-Present)” despite I diligently and constantly Searched and Searched for a “Detached Studio” for Rent---yet I NEVER FOUND ONE TO RENT: from 2012—Present moment in 2017!

The “Constant Merciless Harmful Living Conditions (that I have been Forced to Encounter for 5 Years) IS the “Primary and Sole Reason in Why I STORED My Whole Life Properties/Belongings, etc. in my 10x10 Storage Unit in La Habra, CA 90631 Public Storage in S. Beach Blvd. since August 2012!

Before I go further in the Ad, the “Storage Unit Auction: on My 10x10 Storage Unit (B172)” in Public Storage, La Habra, CA---HAS BEEN & IS COMPLETE SET UP” which means IT IS and HAS ALWAYS BEEN an “INVALID, FRAUDULENT, and UNLAWFUL STORAGE UNIT AUCTION” that AROSE from the “Conscious---Harmful, Malicious, and Vicious Desires and Actions of the La Habra, CA 90631 Public Storage’ Employees (primarily the Property Manager and the District Manager), and so on of Public Storage;” especially the FACT that the “Invalid, Fraudulent, and Unlawful: Merciless, Vicious, & Destructive Storage Unit Auction on my 10x10 Storage Unit’ had ‘TAKEN PLACE’ WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, CONSENT, and/or PRESENCE” including there was “NO NOTICE nor WARNING of the AUCTION ON MY STORAGE UNIT HAD EVER SENT TO ME!”

The Critical Truth is “My Whole and Authentic: Past, Life, Future, Presence Health, Well-Being, Vitality, Existence, Essence, Soul, etc. including All of My Important, Personal, and Private Properties/Belongings, etc. (including Intellectual Properties), and “So Many BOXES and BAGS of ‘Vital, Pertinent, and Critical: Legal, Medical, Court, etc. Evidence, Records, Files, Documents, Receipts, etc.---FROM---All of My Physical/Bodily Harms/Wounds/Injuries Incidents (i.e. Still Opened Cases of: Physical/Bodily Assaults/Batteries/Harms/Wounds/Injuries, etc. Incidents after Incidents---that “Mercilessly and Viciously---Inflicted Upon: Me, My Body, Body Parts, Body Functions, Body Systems, My Life, My Vitality, My Well-being, etc. BY---so Many and Many Physical/Bodily Harmful, Destructive, and Merciless Beings---in My Physical Surroundings/Environment in Public Places, (especially here in California) let alone these Beings are Not People that I Know; and the onsets of the Physical/Bodily Harms/Wounds/Injuries Incidents begun since my early 20s---throughout---the Present moment in 2017: EXCEPT that For Every New: Physical/Bodily Harms/Wounds/Injuries, etc. Incident MADE ALL Opened Cases of Assaults/Batteries/Wounds, etc. Incidents---Worse to the Worst of the Worst)—which I spent Tremendous Amount of Time, Energy, and Resource on August 2012---2016 to All Boxed, Bagged, and OrganizedMy Very Pertinent, Vital, and Critical: Legal, Medical, Court, etc. Evidence, Files, Documents, X-Rays, MRIs, CT-Scans, the Actual Clothes, Shoes, etc. I WORE when I Got Physically Assaulted, Battered, Wounded, and so on---FROM---my Numerous Physical Assailants during the Physical/Bodily Harmful and Destructive Incidents; along with “Boxed, Bagged, and/or Sorted All of My Personal and Private Clothes, Shoes, Purses, Accessories, Jewelries, Furniture, etc. including Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining, and Living Room: Necessities (i.e. Furniture/Structures/ Bed/Drapes/Sheets/Comforters/Towels/Love Seat/End Table/Sofa Table/Special Designed Chairs, etc. etc.); Wall and Table Decorations, Personal and Important Memories’ Decorations, Love, and Inspirations (i.e. Candles, Candle Holders, Photos, Photo Frames, Magnets, Quotation Books, Academic and Non-Academic Books, Health and Healing Books, Science Books, Communication Books, CDs and Cassette Tapes (primarily New Age Music and Yoga Meditation Music), and so on; Kitchen Utensils (many Brand New and Quality (Cutco Brand Products), Silver Wear, Plates, and Mugs), Table Clothes, Plate Mats, Napkin Holders (and Individual Napkin Holder: Pink Daisy Fabric Flower), Tall and Slender Champagne Glass, Two Lavender (Plastic Wine Glasses), etc. etc. that “I Personally, Directly, and Securely: Stored, Boxed, Bagged, Placed, and Sorted/Organized---in my B172 10x10 Storage Unit (B172) from August 2012 throughout the year of 2016!


If “You and/or Anyone You know” that have REMOVED and/or TAKEN HOME and/or SOLD to Secondary Bidders/Buyers, and/or KEEP: ALL or ANY of MY IMPORTANT, PERSONAL, and PRIVATE PROPERTIES/BELONGINGS, etc. (including Intellectual Properties) such as My Published Artwork, Poems, Photos, Articles, Academic Research Papers, Figurative Drawings (Framed and Unframed), My Very Large Art Portfolio Case with Drawing Pad and Drawings, etc. in the portfolio case, etc. etc. Properties/Belongings, and so on from my B172 10x10 Storage Unit in the La Habra, CA Public Storage facility “WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, CONSENT, and/or PRESENCE” DUE to the “INVALID/FRAUDULENT/UNLAWFUL AUCTION” of My 10x10 Storage Unit (B172) on the End of September 2016!



Business Suits and Special Occasion Suits:
My Beautiful and Stylish “Business Suits:” many were Sorted/Organized/Hung in a “Long Oceanic Green Fabric: Business Travel/Garment Bag (w/ Tan Color Straps and/or Patterns, Brown Leather compartments, Metallic-Clips on the sides to Secure the Folding of the Garment Bag, etc.) that also contained my many Other Stylish and Quality Skirts (i.e. Pink Silk, Navy w/ Vertical Folds, Beige/Pearl Rayon, Beige w/ Vertical Folds, My Totally and Stylish Brand New: Tight Maroon w/ Golden/Yellowish Bamboo Patterns on the Skirt w/ Openings on the Sides (from Forever 21), My Quality and Comfortable: Black and White Tiny Square/Block Patterns (from the Gap), etc. etc. Skirts that I specifically Hung in a White Semi-Butterflies---Clipped-On Hanger---INSIDE my Large Oceanic Green Business TRAVEL/GARMENT BAG!

Business Suites: Solid Brown Short-Sleeve w/Scarf; Long-Sleeve Spring Bamboo Green Suit with Asian Collar w/ Scarf; Black suit w/ Gold Cross Buttons; Short-Sleeve Lavender Blue Feminine Suit; Short-Sleeve Orange Pinkish w/ White Collar Feminine Suit; Long Sleeve Brown Suit (Dark Beige: Collar on the Jacket) w/ Brown: Two Tone Plastic Buttons; My Almost Brand New: Long-Sleeve Light Grey Suits w/ Velvet Collar; Long-Sleeve Spring Green Suit (from Petite Sophisticated); My “Navy Blue Suit with Large Golden Metallic Buttons (Petite Sophisticated),” My Classic and Quality Black Suit w/ Golden Cross Black Buttons (Petite Sophisticated); My Dark Peach Suit (Collarless); and so on! My Special Occasion Suits: My Very New “Soft Green Suit with Laces and Tiny Pearls on the Collar and Special Silk Protruded Buttons; Short-Sleeve Pink Suit (w/ Long Skirt) and Hand Made Flowery Patterns on the top part of the suit; My Vibrant Green Short Sleeve Suit (where I wore during my College Graduation, Sister’s Wedding, etc.---these Suits predominately are: Petite Sophisticated, Forever 21, and The Gap Brands and other Named Brands: Size Petite: 0, ½, 1, 2, Small, etc.)! My “First Ever Business Suit that I wore in my Job Interviews: Post-College Graduation: the Long and Slender Suit w/Dark Brown and White Square/Block Patterns in the suit; and an Immovable Pocket with a Navy Blue Silky Triangular Tip of a Fake Handkerchief (Pocket Square)! In addition, My Vertical Black (mostly) and White: Thin Stripes---Wool Business Feminine Suit; My Casual Business/Comfortable Suits: Blue, Tan, Lavender, etc. Suits that I personally Boxed/Bagged/Sorted: when Left the Extremely and Continuous Environmental Harmful, Hazardous, and Unsafe Apartment Complex in August 2012---to be Securely Stored/Placed in my 10x10 Storage Unit in the La Habra, CA Public Storage facility!

My Numerous Classic, Stylish, and High Quality Blazers that are Still Hung in Hangers: Boxed/Sorted in Gigantic Cardboard Boxes when I MOVED OUT of the Excessively Harmful, Hazardous, and Unsafe apartment complex in a nearby area of La Habra, CA in august 2012!
My Dark Green: Quality and Stylish Blazer (size Petite: from Petite Sophisticated) and Missing a Button; My Thick “Black Wool Blazer” with Pockets (from Petite Sophisticated); Grey Wool Blazer with Pockets; My Brownish and Small White Squared Patterns Warm Blazer w/ Pockets and Wooden Buttons; My Thick Grey Wool Blazer with White/Grey Curvy Zig-Zag Stripes (that my Deceased Mother Left Me this Warm and Special Blazer); My Light/Pinkish Classy Brown and White Square Pattern Blazer (covered over the Buttock) where I Wore since Junior Year in College; My Light and Soft Peach Blazer; My Almost Brand New: Classy and Stylish---Burgundy Red Blazer w/ a Golden Zipper in the Front and in the side pockets (Size Petite from Petite Sophisticated), and so on so forth Blazers that I personally Boxed/Stored in Large Cardboard Boxes; and then Moved them to my 10x10 Storage Unit in La Habra, CA Public Storage since August 2012!

Trousers and Dress Pants:
My Solid Black (2 Layered) Wool Trousers (from Petite Sophisticated; My Soft, Quality, and Comfortable Grey Trousers (from the Gap), My Navy Blue Quality Trousers (Zipper on the Side); My Thick Wintery: Black and White Square Patterns Wool Trousers (2 Layers)—also from the Gap on the early 90’s); My Ivory/Greyish Quality and Comfortable Cotton Slacks; My Dark Brown Trousers (zipper on the side); My Dark Brown Slim Leg Pants/Trousers (Fly in the front); My Dark Grassy Green Trousers (Button/folding on the side---this Trousers were What I Wore during a very Destructive and Explosive Physical/Bodily Wounds/Injuries Incident in 2011; these Green Trousers contained Large Spots of Dark Marks and Abrasion Marks on the Left Knee area from the physical/bodily Wounds, etc. Incident---that I carefully---Wrapped in a Plastic Bag (as Legal/Medical Evidence) along with wrapping my Ivory/Beige Rayon Blouse w/ Dark Abrasion Marks on the Arm Sleeve area, and with My White Leather Dress Shoes w/ Golden Edge Rectangular Clip: 1 ½” Heels (again had Abrasion Marks on the Shoes!

Jeans, Casual, etc. Pants, and Shorts (and Pertinent Legal/Medical Evidenced Pants/Shirts from Numerous Physical Assaults, Batteries, Wounds/Injuries Opened-Cases Incidents that Mercilessly Happened to Me:

My White Pair of Jeans (2 Pairs): One pair are Tight---Dressy and Stretchy Jeans (w/ Blood Stains); and another pair are Levis White Jeans (w/ big Tassles and a hole) on the back of the jeans---these jeans are something that I myself would like to recreate the Design of the Jeans by “Patching the Hole with Wedding type White Lace Fabric Material as special design from “My Own Unique and Talented Creation!” My pair of “Favorite Blue: Quality, Stretchy, and Comfortable Jeans (size ½) w/ Brown Stiches Curvy Layout on the Rear Pockets” (again with a big hole and tassels on one side of the jeans)---DUE to “My Physical/Bodily Assaults, Batteries, and Wounds/Injuries Incident in a Public place---that caused the Hole in my Blue Jeans to Occur (again: it has and still is my Intention and Desire to Use Special Design Fabric to Patch the Hole in my Jeans---as “My Own Talented and Unique Creation!” This pair of Jeans are also part my “Pertinent and Vital Legal and Medical Evidence for Opened Cases from the Physical/Bodily Assaults, Batteries, Wounds/Injuries Incidents!” So, it is “Extremely Critical and Vital for me, the Owner of these Evidenced Jeans/Pants and the Wounded Subject of Physical/Bodily Wounds Incidents to Retrieve these Evidenced---Clothing/Shoes, etc. Artifacts Back---So Justice, Harmony, and Peace Can be and Shall be Served, especially many cases are still opened as of today in January 2017!”

My Beige/Light Greyish Comfortable and Stylish Pants w/ a String on top of the pants (for Tightening) and an Un-washable: Vertical Coffee Stain on the Left side of the front pocket---was exactly what I wore during a Continuous Physical Assaults, Batteries, and Wounds/Injuries Incidents from a wife and husband team in a Library Parking lot in April 2011! I carefully wrapped these Evidenced Pants along with Black Top (Cotton Shirt has a Blue Plastic Design that says Inspire in the middle of the black shirt in a bag---that I personally placed/stored in my 10x10 Storage Unit in the La Habra, CA Public Storage facility!

Dark Green Pair of Jeans (size 3/4: Light Oceanic Green Pair of Jeans (size ½ from the Gap; and the Zipper of the Green jeans “GOT STUCK” with a Quality and Comfortable: Black Cotton Collarless Shirt (w/ a Tiny Velvety Bow Tie in the middle top par to the Black Shirt---size M from the Gap)! My other Favorite Blue Stretchy and Comfortable Jeans (size ½ from the Gap) that also “Got Stuck with a Vibrant Pink (Indian Look Shirt w/ Buttons ONLY on Top Part of the Pink Shirt along with a String: for Tightening and Highlight of a female Waist)!” And so on so forth pants, etc.!

My Classy Brown Shorts: had these since Sophomore year in College! There are so many of my White, Brown, Tan, etc. Colors: Pairs of Quality and Comfortable Cotton Material---Shorts (predominately from the Gap and primarily sizes 0, ½, and so on) that I SPENT Tremendous Time, Energy, and Resource to Box/Bag/Sort; and then I Stored these Important, Personal, and Private Clothes in my 10x10 Storage Unit in La Habra, CA Public Storage! In addition, there are a pair of Very New Shorts: Brownish/Yellowish/Golden/Bluish Colors and Blocks Patterns w/ a Strap wrapped around the Near Bottom of the Shorts (almost down to the Knee Level---which I Love these Shorts very much and I only Begun to Wear them for a Very Short Time prior to I boxed/bagged them; and then stored them in my 10x10 Storage Unit in La Habra, CA Public Storage)! In addition, there are other Quality and Comfortable Pairs of Blue Jean Shorts that I also Love Very Much! Then, there is a Pair of Light Blue Shorts (down to Knee Level) that I also Love; and then placed them along with other Shorts, Pants, etc. in my storage unit!

Dresses, Gowns (including Night Gowns), and etc. Dresses:
Evening Gowns (especially my Brand New Soft Green Silk Night Gown and Red Rayon Gown), and Dresses (i.e. New Short-Sleeve Light Green Dress with Flowers; New Black Knee High Ev
ening Dress, New Red & White Square Pattern Dress (from Forever 21); Brand New Red & Gold Sleeveless Knee High Dress w/ Strings on it (from Forever 21)---that is still in a yellow plastic bag with tags on the dress; My Sleeveless Red & Gold Pattern Long Dress (from the East Coast), My New & Quality Sleeveless Golden Yellowish Knee High Dress w/ Rose Patterns (from the Gap from the 90’s); My Sleep Wears (Pajamas) and Winter, Bath, and Evening Robes (Pink and Lavender with Cats on the robe), my Knee-High Pink Flowers Robe along with many other clothes that my “Late Sister” given to me; My Very New: Sleeveless (Hand-Made) Native Indian---Light Beige Long Dress w/ Cute Dark Roses on the Lace Collar that depicted on the Native Indian Dress (which I went to an Art Fair in Berkeley, CA; and then “Invested Authentic Time, Energy, and Love to Find and Buy the Beautiful and Authentic Native Indian (Hand-Made) Light Beige Long Dress: for Myself, for My Essence, for My Soul, etc.); My Stylish and High Quality Long Skirts: primarily Petite Sophisticated Brand---from the East Coast)---My Silk Pink & White Flowers Skirt; My Vibrant Blue Skirt w/ Brown, Yellowish, Whitish Flowers; My Light Green White Square Patterns, My Rayon Soft Blue w/opening on the Back; My Black Rayon Long Skirt w/ Opening on the side, My Brand New Long Floppy Black Skirt, My “Brand New Silky Velvet Flowery Pinkish Purple Skirt w/ a Lavender Short-Sleeve Sweater; etc. etc.; My various Patterns and Styles: High Quality and Stylish Knee-High Skirts (colors: Pink, Beige, Navy, Soft Tan, Black w/ White Square Patterns (from Petite Sophisticated), Silk Pink Flowery Patterns w/ mini Ruffles on the opening of the skirt; My Summer/Spring: White Skirt w/ Blue Flowers and Light Orange Pattern w/ Obvious Ruffle Patterns on the Right Side of the Skirt (I personally and actually went to Santa Cruz, CA and found this Lovely and cute Skirt!

Skirts: Long Shirts and Knee High, etc. Skirts:
“My Very New, Comfortable, Stretchy, and High Quality:” Light Green Long Circle Skirt: w/ String on top on the Skirt (for tightening)and My Beautiful Long White: Circle Skirt w/ Hand–Made Flowery Patterns and Excessively Wide Bottom (where I personally visited Palm Springs, CA and found these Beautiful Long Skirts; along with many Cute Magnets (that Engraved Palm Springs, CA on them), many Table and Wall Decorations (i.e. a Blue Metallic KoKoPelli w/Pinkish and Soft Beige Semi Oval and Rectangular Stone (Base) and a Large Brown Metallic Lizard for the wall---I personally Found and Bought them from Palm Springs, CA); along with Cute Magnets that Engraved Palm Springs, CA! My Unique and Cute Magnets (many) and Post Cards (many) from Colorado, Napa Valley, MY Pink and Vibrant Color Sandal Magnet Engraved San Diego on it; Post Cards from Laguna Beach; Two 4x10 Framed Images (i.e. 2 Red Beach Chairs and the Beach. etc.) from Martha’s Vineyard, MA)! Many Special Images Calendars from the 90’s and 2000 (Nature, Sunset, Caves, and so on)!

Sweaters & Coats:
My Stylish and High Quality Sweaters: Purple & Pink Thick Stripes; Green & White Thick Stripes; Pink and White Thick Stripes, etc. (from Bob’s store); My Hand Made Pattern Sweater (from Petite Sophisticated); etc.; etc.; Sweaters that I Personally, Authentically, and Actually Searched For, Hand-Picked, Bought, and Moved these Beautiful, Stylish, and Quality Clothes from the East Coast to the West Coast and so on, My Beautiful and Stylish Blouses. Shirts, Shorts, etc. etc. (many are from the East Coast); Jackets (many Brand New and New, especially the “Thick Tan Jacket with Furs on the Collar” and the “Brand New White Jacket with a Hood” and still Tags on the Jacket, etc.), My Winter Long Black Coats (primarily “Forever 21 and Petite Sophisticated” Brands), My Sylish “Dark Grey Medium Length Coat with a Hood on it,;” My Stylish Velvet Black (Buttoned) Medium Length Coat, My Stylish Zipper (Gold color) Brown Medium Length Coat; My “Very New---Tan Suede Coat from Forever 21;” My New---Dark and Smooth Grey Business Coat (from Petite Sophisticated); and etc. etc. Stylish, Quality, and Classy Coats, Jackets, Blazers, and so on that I personally Spent Tremendous Time, Energy, Resources, and Love in Packing in Boxes; and then “Hired Moving Staffs” to move them into my 10x10 storage Unit in the La Habra, CA Public Storage facility when I moved out from the “Harmful and Hazardous Apartment complex in August 2012!”

Shoes, Scarfs, Purses, & other Accessories:
My Shoes (size 5 ½--primarily My Many Brand New and New High Heels (i.e. Black w/ Golden Heels, Nine West: Velvet High Heels w/ Thin Strap, etc.); High-Heeled Sandals and Clogs (i.e. Steve Madden--Brown Leather Sandal---4” Wooden Clogs w/ Chipped area on the Right Heel; My Brand New Hand-Made White/Beige Thick 4+” Sandal Clogs w/ Beads, Strings, etc. on the Clogs); My Stylish Leathered Shoes (Nine West)---Brown (2” or more, and 1 1/2”), My Brand New Red (Solid Dark Red) w/ Opening on the Heel, Black (Nine West) 1 1/2” Heel; My Brand New “Hand-Made White w/ Mini Rainbow Color patterns on top) Leathered Sandals w/ Dark Brown Smooth Wooden Heels (Made from Italy), My Brand New, New, etc. Sneakers (size 5), etc.); My Cute and Beautiful Hats (Burgundy Red w/ Flower Pattern Cut in the Hat: looks like from the 40’s or 50’s; My Golden/Reddish/Yellowish---Rose Patterns Cute Hat (from the Gap and from the 90’s), My Beige Summer Hat w/ Leathered String on the Hat, My Winter Black Velvet Hats (Sweater materials)---Brown and Black Hats; My Purses (i.e. Brand New Black Velvet Purse—still w/ a tag on it), My Medium Size---Brown Classy Rectangular Leather Purse w/ Shoulder Straps, My Small Brown Leather Square Purse, My Cute Rectangular: Soft Leather Black Business Purse/Suitcase w/ a Hand Strap and Shoulder Strap (from the East and from the 90’s), etc., etc.; My many Brand New, New, etc. Stylish and Quality Scarfs (i.e. Brand New Velvet Orange Scarf, Red Silky and Smooth Winter Scarf, Vibrant Dark Pink Decorative Scarf (for my Black Knee High Evening Dress), My New Silky Beige w/ Dark Red Roses, etc. Decorative Scarf (from the Gift Shop of the Hospital where I formerly worked), and so on Accessories; My Mini Beige w/ Brown Leather Straps---Zipper Back Pack Purse, My Dark Color Patterns: Mini Back Pack---Fabric Purse w/ Black and White Square Patterns on the Straps, and says Aruba near the bottom of the purse; along many Authentic and Beautiful Artifacts and Decorations that I Personally, Actually, and Authentically Invested Authentic Time, Energy, Research, Resources, Love, etc. Traveling to and Vacationing at Aruba; and then Searched for, Carefully Hand-Picked, and Purchased these Beautiful and Special Artifacts from Aruba (i.e. Real Butterflies on a Glass Plague that Engraved Aruba on it, Brown Leather Squash Type Wall Decoration (says Aruba on it), Brown and Beige Flute, Musical Reddish/Brown Wooden Tube w/ a Strap (Black & White square patterns) on it, along with my Knee-High Bright Orange w/White Flower Patterns w/ Tassle on the bottom of the Skirt; My Brand New Vibrant Silky Purple Sleeveless Top w/ Knee-High Skirt w/ Tassle on the bottom of the Skirt; My Brand New Long Pink Skirt w/ Blue Flower Patterns and Tassle, etc., etc. are from Aruba!

Furniture and Household Products/Goods:
From the Above Properties/Belongings, etc. To my Stylish, Beautiful, and Quality Furniture: My Cute, Cozy, and Unique---Soft Blue Wooden Chair w/ Hand Made “Grass Cushion on the Seat;” my White Garden Balanced Recliner, My Light Maple Wood Letter Desk, My Thick Long Rectangular Glass Sofa Table: w/ a Large and Heavy Greyish Stone w/ Metal Strap Wrapped around on the Stone as a Base for the table, My Sturdy and Quality Wood (Light Brown) End Table (Square Shape with Semi-circular Edges and Classy Wood Patterns on the end Table); My Quality and Comfortable and New Full-Size Mattress Bed; and Bed Frame (Light Maple Wood Frame w/ Bars on the Frame---that Matches Perfectly with my Light Maple Wood Letter Desk); My Very Comfortable and Quality---Flowery Fabric Love Seat: w/ Green, Reddish, Pink, etc. Colors on the Love Seat (w/ 2 Large Size: Back Support Cushions; and 2 Medium Size Side Support Cushions); My Two Floor Lamps: one Semi-Anti Look Green Metallic Floor Lamp (w/ one of the arches beneath the Lamp Cover is Missing (from the Negligent Actions of the Moving company/staff that I hired to move my Properties/Belongings, etc. from the East Coast to the West Coast)! The other floor lamp is a Black Metallic lamp with a desk lamp on the side of the Black Floor Lamp! Then, my Special, Unique, and Beautiful: Ceramic Lamp (Pinkish/Beige Oval Shape Stone---with a visible Sealed Cracked component in the lamp—from the moving company of my car to West Coast); the Lamp Shade of this Beautiful Lamp has Authentic and Beautiful Dried Flowers! In addition, there is a White Long and Slender with Unique Shapes (4 Sides) on the Lamp Shade w/ a Brownish/Greenish Ceramic Lamp Base: this Lamp and Lamp Shape were Sought and Bought Together with “my Lovely, Beautiful, and Quality: Garden Flowery Love-Seat; and my Light Maple Wood Bed Frame with Bars on the Frame;” etc. etc. Furniture (that I Personally and Actually Spent Authentic and Deep Time, Energy, and Love to Find Them; then Bought, Protected, and Moved Them from the East Coast to California); from Northern California to Southern California; from the Storage Unit to my Apartment; then from Moved them out of my Apartment into my Storage Unit since August 2012!

Electronics & My Intellectual Properties (Photos and Artwork):
My Quality Electronic Products (N60 Nikon Gold Metallic Camera w/ Automatic and Manual Features: w/ a Nikon: Green Color w/ Brown Leathers on the Strap---on the Nikon Camera, My Panasonic Silver Camcorder, My Brand New High Quality and Sturdy: Bogen Tripod, My Photo Lens, Zoom Lens, Flash, My Little Red: Quantaray Camera Bag---where I placed My N60 Gold Metallic Camera w/ various Photo: Lens, Accessories, Protective Small Cushions (i.e. soft green color and flowery patterns), etc. on the Quantaray Bag), Packs of Negatives after negatives; packs of Photos after photos; Small Boxes after Boxes of Photo Slides on Nature, Flowers, Sunsets, Landscapes, etc. etc. etc.; My Intellectual Properties---many many Photos on Nature, Flowers, Beaches, Sunsets, Buildings, Landscapes, etc. that “I Personally, Directly, and Creatively Taken/Captured with my Own Eyes with my own N60 Nikon Camera on Manual Feature” in various: Places, Cities, Towns, States, Countries, and so on---Throughout my Life, especially from---Colorado, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Georgia, Aruba, The Bahamas, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, etc.; My Aiwa Stereo System with CD Boom Box and Dual Cassettes, My Sony Television, My White Kenmore Refrigerator, My Brand New: Coffee Maker (Mr. Coffee) still in the Box, My Brand New and High Quality Deep Ocean Blue Vacuum Cleaner;

My Whole Life Jewelries: My Fresh Water Pearls set: oval shape; My 1“ Gold Cross w/ a Pink Rose; Mini (baby) gold cross; Gold jewelries that my “Deceased” Mother left me; My Double Strand Pearl Necklace, my Lavender and Greenish/Greyish Pearl Necklaces and Ear Studs; My Oval Pendant that has a Red Rose on it; my Sterling Silver Necklace with stable silver beads/studs around the necklace; my gold necklace with pearls; my many decorative and stylish necklaces, earrings, pins, pearl studs, etc,: my “2 Fendi Watches”---one Gold and one Silver & Gold; etc., etc., that I placed in my two Jewelry boxes: one soft color “Draw Style” Jewelry box and the other one is a “Lace/Soft Material Wedding Type” Whitish Square Jewelry Box w/ a White Rose in the center of the cover; and many personal and important jewelries, metal awards, ribbons, etc. that I placed in my jewelry boxes!

Books, Music, Arts & Crafts, Intellectual Properties (Poems, Artwork, Photos, Academic Research Papers, etc.):
Again, My Whole Life, My Whole Past, My Whole Essence, My Whole Future, My Whole Well-being, My Whole Existence, My Vitality, My Soul, My Medical Practice: Equipment (My Brand New: Steno Scope, White Thermometer, Turning Fork, My New Spine Model, etc.; My Black Medical Bag; My Anatomy and Science Books (i.e. Psychology, Neurology, Nerve Anatomy, Neuromuscular, Nervous System, Spinal Anatomy, Skeletal Anatomy, Genetics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemical Nutrition, etc. etc. Books and/or Notes); My New Netter (Anatomy) Book, References, Important Class Notes from Graduate School, Supplies, My Dark Green: Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, My Green Thesaurus Book; My Various kinds of Quotation Books: Small and Medium Sizes with various Colors and Designs (i.e. New Beginnings w/ Write over Blue paper; A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing; Blue Mountain Art Poems, etc.; My Spiritual Books (The Goddess in You: by Mariam Williamson; Chicken Soup for the Soul; etc. etc. books; My Health and Healing Books---Vibrational Medicine; Body Electrics; The Genie in Your Genes; Energy Medicine; The Heart of the Mind; Bad Science; Time Travel, Future Shock, Atlantis Beneath the Ice; etc. etc. books; My Aromatherapy Book, My Writing Books and References (i.e. Greeting Card Writings and Short Story Writings), My Communication Books: Academic and Non-academic (particularly communication books from Dr. Lillian Glass, PhD; and other Important and Special Books and References that I Hold On to and Treasure for My Whole Life!

My Special and Beloved Artifacts, Candles, Candle Holders, Photos, Photo Frames, Photo Albums; so many Wall, Table, and Desk Decorations, and etc. etc. Decorations that “I Personally and Actually Invested Tremendous ‘Authentic Time, Energy, Research, Resources, and Love in Visiting and Traveling’ to these various Towns, Cities, States, and Countries throughout my Whole Life: from Childhood to Adulthood!” And so on so forth: are also in my B172 10x10 Storage Unit;” that ---Ought to and Never should have been on Storage Auction let alone “Auctioning Off All of My Important, Personal, and Private Properties/Belongings, etc. (including Intellectual Properties) ‘WITHOUT’ MY CONSENT, KNOWLEDGE, and PRESENCE”---this means that the September 2016 Storage Auction on my B172 10x10 Storage Unit---has always been and still is an “Unlawful/Invalid/Fraudulent Auction” from the beginning to end!

So, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY RETURN ALL of My IMPORTANT, PERSONAL, and PRIVATE PROPERTIES/BELONGINGS, etc. BACK TO ME---since the whole Storage unit Auction on my 10x10 Storage unit on end of September 2016 has been a “Complete Set-up and a Fraud” from the Merciless and Harmful Intentions and Actions of the Employees and representatives of the La Habra, CA (760 S. Beach Blvd.) Public Storage!

* I could be reached through Email:

* Please also Contact Me if you and/or anyone you know has Any Information on the “Above Described Properties/Belongings, etc.” that have been Taken Home (from the September 2016 10x10 Storage Unit (B172) Auction in the Public Storage facility in La Habra, CA (760 S. Beach Blvd.); and/or that the Auction Bidders might have sold them to secondary buyers/bidders, etc. etc. “WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, CONSENT, and/or PRESENCE!”

Thank you!



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